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If you are suddenly attacked...are you ready and prepared?

What we Do.

We train people from all walks of life, to prevent and defend against violent or deadly assault using a proven three part system so they can stay secure anywhere.

An Elite system that makes you ready and prepared


Only the best is taught, your safety deserves that!

*  Tactical Situational Awareness-(Program developed from U.S. Special Forces Curriculum)

*   Original Israeli Defense Forces Military Krav Maga-(Used by both Israeli Special Forces and infantry)

*   Legal Awareness / Force escalation law-( Instructor Graduate of civilian use of force national expert attorney)


Our Simple Lesson Plan

Step 1

Contact us to schedule your free self defense class.

Step 2

 Together we will create a complete personal self-defense lesson plan to work with your schedule to train for only 1 to 2 hours a week.

Step 3

We'll guide you through the proven lesson plan together to give you excellent self-defense skills.

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"excellent teachers who were certified by some of the founding members of Krav Maga, and it shows! And not only do they know their stuff, they make it tons of fun!" Mollie Piron.-Yelp 

 "Great place to learn the pure military version of Krav Maga. Learn real self defnese...".-Eric Ybarra-Facebook 


"I have learned a lot and enjoyed every training session so far over the last 8 weeks. So if you're looking for a class that will teach you efficient, applicable, no nonsense self defense...Then look no further than Certified Krav Maga!!-Darin Nester.-Google Review 

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We understand what its like to be powerless

Evil people shouldn’t be allowed to win...


...we give you the power to win!


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All classes are by appointment so we may provide excellence in instruction .

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